Wood Veneer

 Use of Wood Veneers on Cabinet Doors
On cabinet doors that use hardwood material (maple, tas. ash, new guinea rosewood, or oak), you can see the actual wood joins in the centre panel where the grains don’t match up. Suitable for colonial, classic homes. The advantage of using a wood veneer on the entire door panel is that you can get a consistent grain pattern. The more modern contemporary homes usually use new veneers called “NEW AGE VENNER” (reconstitute Venner) This material makes a very balanced even lock, without a strong busy woodgrain appearance.
The wood veneer on the cabinet doors might be over MDF, plywood, or even particleboard, but the top layer is still a wood veneer. Then the wood veneer is stained or painted with the two-pack application and makes the very hard and durable surface.
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