Two Pack

The designer or cabinet maker will say “2 pack” as if everybody knows exactly what they’re talking about. 2 pack of what? you ask.
That’s where it gets a little complicated. Most paints and clear finishes are solvent-based. When they evaporate, the finish hardens and sick to the surface. 2 Pack finishes work differently. A 2 Pack finish consists of two containers of liquids: One liquid container a resin of acrylic paint and melamine, the other liquid is a hardener polyisocyanate resin. When two liquids are mixed a chemical reaction occurs that causes the mix to harden This makes the surface extremely hard and durable.
This application comes in 3 different finishes SATIN, SEMI-GLOSS, and HIGH GLOSS in any colour you can imagine.
Suitable for Flatt and routed colonial doors and panels.
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