Things have certainly changed since the days of the old laminate benchtops and countertops which were often made even worse by questionable colour choices. Yes, laminate has come a long way and is a popular finish for many new kitchen renovations. Let’s take a look at why laminate could be the perfect option for your new cabinets.
One of the features of laminate that make it a popular choice, apart from it looking great, it is far more durable than the melamine option. Updating your kitchen can be an expensive undertaking and if you’re looking to keep the budget to the next level, high-pressure laminate could be just what you need. If you choose the highly durable, cost-effective option for your cabinets, such as high-pressure laminate, this may mean that you and your family members can work in the kitchen and it will last under any stress.
2.Range of colours and finishes
When it comes to your new kitchen, you want to have a choice when it comes to the final look of your cabinets. There’s nothing more disappointing than finding good quality cabinets at the right price only to find very limited options in terms of aesthetics. With laminate, you won’t have that problem and there is a huge range of colours and finishes to choose from so you can customize your kitchen to your heart’s content.
If you’ve gone to the effort of installing new cabinets, you don’t want them to deteriorate quickly and start to look shabby after only a short amount of time. With laminate, you’re choosing a hard-wearing product that will last the distance. Due to the way laminate is manufactured, it’s durable, scratch-resistant, can withstand moisture, and holds up well against general wear and tear. If maintained correctly, you can expect your laminate cabinets to serve you well over time.
4.Easy to maintain
The last thing you want is kitchen cabinets which look great but are a nightmare to keep clean. Laminate is a great option for your cabinets thanks to them being very low maintenance. With the proper care, your cabinets will continue to last well into the future. To keep your cabinets looking like new, simply run a dry cloth over them every so often to keep dust in check. For a more serious clean, just use a damp cloth with a simple all-purpose cleaner and dry with a clean cloth. That’s all there is to it!
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