Kitchen Design


Everybody wants something different from their kitchen, which is why we have the most experienced designers to design a kitchen for your need.

Your personal choice of materials, colors, and hardware must be taken into consideration to create the best possible outcome for years to come.

Whether you’re a new home buyer, your first kitchen on a budget, or you splashing out the family kitchen of your dreams, all the inspiration you need is at Ascona kitchen. 


For many of us, the kitchen is the heart of the home and fulfills many roles in the 21 first century living space. Think about what happens during a typical day in your kitchen and what that means for the layout. If you like to entertain, or need a space where homework can be done while preparing diner. if you pets that call kitchen home, they’ll need space too. Take all of this into consolidation and ask our designer to find a suitable solution. The kitchen and living room becoming increasingly fused, so if you planning a big family room think about how each space will work separately and together.   


  1. What else a kitchen needs to do? First and foremost it needs to work as space to cook. 
  2. Think carefully about the most used parts of your kitchen from a cooking perspective, and plot how easy you’ll be able to move between them.
  3. This is called the kitchen triangle and focuses on the point between the fridge, sink, and cooker which is crucial in mapping out your cooking space.
  4. Take some time to consider where your microwave, dishwasher, toaster, and other appliances will sit in relation to this. once you what might like,
  5. our designer can fill in the gaps and help create a space that suits you         
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